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Ten useful tips for Eastern Island

Chile Magical Island

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Eastern_Island.jpgThis week we went with Valentino to Eastern Island , It was a great experience, we learnt a lot, and we want to share some tips with you!

1. Take Sun Block, because the radiation is getting dangerous and in the Island is very expensive !!!
2. If you like animals, take some dog chow with you, a lot of dog will follow you in the streets , most of them live outside!
3. Rent a bike if you want to save some money, indeed you can skip the typical excursions and do everything by yourself on your bike!
4. If you want to taste great street food..go to the fishing cove and there are a few little stands where they sell , delicious “tuna empanada” choose the third one , which is painted in RED
5. If you want a better restaurant go to the main street and find the restaurant ” TE MOANA” …try the “CEVICHE TE MOANA ” is Great!!!
6. Are you in the mood for a show? Some of them are very good we have 2 to reccomend : MATATO’A , which perfoms on Tuesday , Thursday, Saturday from: 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm……..KARI-KARI same days but from 09:00 pm to 10:00pm and both have the same entrance fee: $ 10.000 (CLP)
7. Save a day or half day to spend some time on ANAKENA BEACH , relax and enjoy; you have baños there, ($500 pesos), and you have some places to eat , try the stand which is closer to the water is very tasty, reasonable, and clean!
8. About where to stay , we have not stayed in many places there, but TAHATAI HOTEL is very confortable and close from downtown
9. A great Bar with local Music is : KITEMATE PUB
10. Although they take dollars, exchange money in Santiago and go with Pesos, the exchange rate is not the best there!

You Can see some Pictures here

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Museums in Punta Arenas

If you have some hours free in Punta Arenas -Chile

Do you have some hours in Punta Arenas? Would you like to learn and discover about the history, culture, religion, fauna, flora and domestic trade? If the answer is yes, then “Maggiorino Borgatello” is the right museum for you.

This historical collection was put together in 1893 by Maggiorino Borgatello with

Angel Benove and is up to these days the most thorough record of culture and life style in the city. Here you can find:

Flora and Fauna: this is one of the oldest collections in Patagonia. It even has samples of animals that are extinct and others that can only be be found in the Antarctic territory.

Ethnography: the collection includes tools, clothes, hunting tools, religious objects of the native groups that once roamed Patagonia. It is also important to mention that this museum has some of the few films made by Alberto De Agostini that capture the motion of these groups.

Missions: there is a vast collection of religious artifacts of the Salesian congregation. This area tells the work carried out by priests who looked after the naties and future generations.

Milodon: this is the only museum in Chile that has hair and excrement samples of this prehistorical creature found in a cave near Puerto Natales.

The Antarctic: here you can have an insight of the human presence in this unspoiled cotinent. This area is still growing and is constantly updated.

Geology and fossils: this area displays a variety of rocks that tell the ancient history of this area. There are alo samples of petrified wood and amonites.

Industry: there is a before and after the discovery of oil. Learn about the importance of this and other economical activities that have shaped the domestic trade.

As you can see this is by far the best option if you are stuck between flights and still want to know something else about the place you are visiting. It will take you probably 1 ½ hour to go through the 4 level exhibit. Just keep one thing in mind: no pictures allowed.

In addition, there is a library with graphic and audio material of the native tribes in Patagonia.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 11.30 am. And in the afternoon from 3 pm to 5.30 pm.

The cost is $ 2.000 Chilean Pesos or U$ 4. (the US entrance fee might vary a bit during the season)

They take U$, Chilean Pesos and Credit Cards

Avda. Bulnes, 336
Main entrance

Main entrance

PO Box 347

Phone number: (56)61-22 10 01

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El Patio de mi casa restaurant

Puerto Varas


One of the places that you can not miss in Puerto Varas is this tiny restaurant, but with an excellent cuisine.
The history is very peculiar, Claudio, the owner, used to sale seafood in the streets, then, started to prepare sealed meals for some companies around his house, meals which himself delivered. One good day his brother said to him,---- we should open a restaurant!!! ---- Because this situation of delivering meals is going to “kill “us, why don’t we open a place and “force” our customers to come to us, instead of being delivering every meal ourselves.
Money was, of course, the main issue, but they could figure it out, and suddenly, they were constructing the restaurant at the same time they were repairing their house. Where? You might be asking. No Money for renting a place in downtown Puerto Varas, no money to buy another property----then the answer is more than obvious, why don’t we open the doors of our own house?--- Could be---- Why don’t we take advantage of the space in our house backyard? --- That sounds great---- But, how the customers are going to see us, here?---Our customers will follow our food said Claudio.
That was exactly what happened, many people, know them already and follow their food, because is a balance of excellent quality with excellent value. For instance, for lunch this restaurant offers set menus, for around 5 dollars, so if your budget is not generous but you still want a treat, it is an excellent choice, they are open for dinner as well; but with “a la carte” menu . Come to the “Backyard of my house “(El patio de mi Casa) Restaurant, actually, is still located in Claudio’s house backyard, which gives this restaurant a cosy environment in a very historical area of Puerto Varas.

Location: Decher 830
Phone: 56-65-231507
Important: Cash Only, Chilean Pesos Only
Opens: Tuesday to Sunday 12:00 Noon – 3:00 pm

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Restaurant Licanray

Santiago of Chile

Lican Ray (Meaning: Rock Rose)
It is obvious that Francisco Fuentes fell in love with this place when he bought it a few months ago. He likes to hang around and play domino and “cacho” when the young waiters are not busy. The first floor is ornamented with old photographs, posters, good books, and Chilean flags.
Tasty home made meals are offered a la carte or daily menus. Good young and inexpensive national wines. Don’t forget to taste our traditional “Terremoto”. What is it? Its white wine mixed with ice cream and pineapple juice, sweet, good for a hot day, just in case don’t over due it. This is a good place to find common people because the prices are according to the budget of regular workers. Remember that you don’t have to eat to stay in this cosy place, just have a drink, nobody minds.
I definitely encourage visitors to step in this Chilean Restaurant, located in a commercial arcade, hitting from the noisy streets of the down town area.
Address: Huérfanos N° 812, Local 15. (This is a Pedestrian Street.)
Phone Number: 02-6321416 02663141
Opens at 12:00, from Monday to Friday Friday. Closes at 08:00 p.m. aprox. From Monday to Thursday Fridays closes at 02:00 a.m. aprox.Prices: Daily Menus: $ 2.490 (US$ 5 aprox.), plus service service.
Includes: Soup or salad; main course; small soft drink; bread; “pebre”;desert and coffee.
Pisco Sour: $ 1.800 (US$ 3.5 aprox.)
Credit Cards are not accepted only pesos or dollars.
Food Offered: Fish, chicken, beef, salads, soups, etc.
“You must find out what terremoto, pebre, and cacho” are.

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Green Eggs and Ham

By Julio Llanos

Last night I was reading “Green eggs and ham” to my little daughter when I thought of a unique place that is a must if you truly want to discover a traditional place in Punta Arenas.
Since 1932 this small take away has been a spot where people from all social background, religions, work lines, football teams and schools congregate with one thing in mind: “Choripan y leche con platano” It is one of those places where a dad would take his son or daughter for some quality time. But above all, it is the one place that defines simplicity when eating out.
When you enter kiosco Roca the first thing you notice is a bar where you can sit and where most of the time there are people from a near by office waiting to take some choripanes back to work. Then you look at the decoration, because this kiosco has an impressive collection of “Universidad de Chile football team” objects.
I mentioned “Green eggs and Ham” because the combination of the Chorizo (hard pork sausage) with the milk with a banana blended in, might sound quite aggressive to the liver. Yet, we believe that there is a charm that protects all those who eat here from any kind of digestive problem.
All the ingredients are fresh because they only sell 3 thousand units per day and with the high demand there are no left over.
So come and discover green eggs and ham in Punta Arenas
Kiosco Roca
Address: Calle Roca 875, Punta Arenas
Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm. Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm

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