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New Bar in Puerto Varas -Chile

Araucaria Bar -Cumbres Patagonicas Hotel

10 °C

Last night we went to taste a new place for “happy hour”…our curiosity took us to the recently inaugurated “Cumbres Patagonicas Hotel” in Puerto Varas, we are not the kind of people who likes hotels for this kind of distraction , even though, we decided to give it a try.

First of all, the view is simply impressive, facing the biggest lake in Chile “Llanquihue Lake” gives the Aracauria Bar a special touch, we tasted the “Cumbre Sour “which is a pisco sour but with honey produced near the ulmo trees which has a unique taste, plus a cinnamon touch and due to we are not the kind of people who drinks without a snack, we asked for a “Tapa Regional” with smoked cheeses, hams, local shellfish and comfits.

Let me tell you everything was simply great , the best of all the price was pretty much the average price of most of the bars even cheaper in Puerto Varas , for $ 3.750 Chilean Pesos ( around 7 dollars) you can have two drinks included in the “Happy Hour” Menu such as:

Cumbres Sour

Amaretto Sour

Whisky Sour

Kir Royal



Pisco Vodka


And one kind of beer “Cristal”

If you include a snack, for example, the “Tapa Regional” $3.600 Chilean Pesos, you can enjoy an excellent moment for around 20 dollars. Of course, dollars and credit cards are accepted. Happy Hour special prices are from Monday to Sunday from 5:00pm to 09:00 pm

The address is: Imperial 0561, Puerto Varas

Phone: 56-65-494000

Email: info@cumbrespatagonicas.cl

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Have your own apartment in Santiago-Chile for just USD 59

Rent an Apartment in Chile

sunny 22 °C

A few years ago, one of our colleagues started a real state business very successful for these days, he bought a couple of apartments in downtown Santiago, and now he rents them for travellers, this give you the option to have your own place in Santiago either daily, weekly or monthly and having a great service at a very reasonable price.

There are 2 locations for the apartments:

Alonso de Ovalle Street with Serrano Street

Santo Domingo 1391 with Amunategui Street

Apartment Characteristics:

• Double Beds
• American Cookers and Equipped Kitchens
• Furnished Bathrooms
• TV and DVD
• Secure
• Free Access to swimming pool, Sauna and Gym

RATES Valid until August 2010


Check for availability here and Payment Conditions

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Penguins in Chile, Chiloe Island, 10 tips to consider

See penguins not very far from Puerto Varas

overcast 16 °C

IMG_7083__800x600_.jpgJust 2 Hours of Puerto Varas we can find the cove of Puñihuil where 3 islets give us the chance to appreciate 2 kinds of penguins: Humboldt and Magellan. Tours are available from Puerto Varas, almost in every agency, but you have to consider a few points prior your visit:

1. Penguins arrive at the end of September till last days of March
2. December , January you can see the offspring
3. Is a 2 and a half hours one way to see just 20 minutes of penguins
4. Boats takes people into the islet but you can’t get off of the boats
5. Boats start to operate from 10:00 a.m., before that, they don’t disturb the penguin feeding time.
6. Departures of the boats are every 15 minutes, full capacity, so you might have to wait.
7. Although 98% of the time the visit can be done, there is 2 % where is impossible for weather conditions.
8. Since 2009 the visits will be limited, so don’t go there without a reservation.
9. The boat ride for 2009 would cost $ 5000 Chilean pesos.
10. A lot of wild life could be seen besides penguins, Cormorants, Gulls, Otters, Sea lions, Steamer ducks, and Kelp goose among others.

You can ask for the weather prior your visit to: Hector Galindo Cell phone: 94550434 (Spanish Only)
You can book your lunch in the restaurant of the same fishermen book a place at this cell, phone: 96556780 (Spanish Only)

See more pictures :::here :::

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How to avoid fines in the Airport of Santiago Chile

Be careful with the agricultural swornment

Chile is a country free of some agricultural diseases such as :foot and mouth among others, so the agricultural airport control is ver strict at the arrivals.

In the last few moths a lot of travellers have been fined, sometimes over 200 dollars for bringing just an apple or a bag with peanuts, m&m’s and almonds and not declare them.

Because of sanitary issues, the airport control about any organic item that you bring is extremely tough, so declare everything ….where do I declare this?

Upon arrival an agricultural sworn statement will be given to you, some time is given on the plane, especially if you travel by LAN , be sure to declare there .

Tip from Alex : If you want to see the sworn statement form click here

If you are still confused about this and you still have some wustions, please watch the following video:


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